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Countries in East Africa offer opportunity for the East African students as well as foreign student to choose from a range of programmes in different disciplines from a number of universities and colleges. Choosing the right university or college is quite challenging, and this website offers you with the necessary information that will help you in selecting the right programme in the right institution.

Application process varies from one institution to another, but the first important step is identify what you would like to study based on your career plans. Next, is to visit the website of that institution, get all necessary information and apply for the programme. While some institutions offer online applications others are still working paper forms. In either case, the application process will not be complicated and you will find that applying for a college or universe is much a joy as it the study itself.

Please use all available information and assistance provided in this website to make your college or university application a joy!

The following steps are typical for applicants to most institutions:

1. Find your programme

The first step to applying for any study programme is finding the perfect one. Search programmes for the next application round under Programmes. You can also search for programmes directly at the home page. Programme listings are also offered directly at the websites of specific universities. You can apply for a number of programmes but you need to check regulations of the different countries on the number of programmes you can apply at one time.

2. Check entry requirements and deadlines

Each programme is subject to general entry requirements and programme-specific entry requirements. Once you’ve decided on the programmes you’d like to apply for, check both sets of guidelines to determine your eligibility. You will see the programme-specific requirements on the web page of that particular programme. General requirements are usually presented on the website of a particular institution

Also check relevant application dates and deadlines for the upcoming admissions.

3. Apply for admission offers a platform for getting information only, and all applications are handled by individual institutions. You will be redirected to online application site for those institutions which offer online application, otherwise you will need to follow instructions on how to apply for those institutions that do not have online application services. Each institution has its own application fee which is prescribed in their website. does NOT charge for facilitating applications.

4. Wait to receive notification of acceptance

After the deadlines pass, your application will undergo a selection procedure determined by the individual university and based on various criteria, such as grades obtained and results of previous courses and degree projects. All of these will influence the outcome of your application.

The decision on whether to accept an applicant rests with the academic institutions themselves. The procedure for notification also depends on the system that is being used by that institution, some will have online notifications while others will notify the applicants using normal letter issuing.

5. Enroll to your programme of study

After receiving admission, you chose which one you would like to pursue out of those you received. Regulations of some countries require that you notify the authorities on the selection you made. You will then be required to attend physically to the institution you have been admitted for registration and starting your studies. You will also be required to perform medical check before starting your studies.

For foreign students, you will be required to apply for study and residence permit. Please check with the embassy or consulate of the country you are going to study for updated visa and residence permit requirements.

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